Voiteq in Blackpool are hiring

Voiteq, located in Blackpool, is a leading global provider of voice-directed work solutions, with offices in the UK, France, Germany and the US.Voice Technology is their core business, helping customers across the world reap the benefits of utilising a hands free, eyes free solution.

All roles are based in Blackpool and further details can be found by clicking each link.

Product Analyst: https://jobdb.softgarden.de/jobdb/public/jobdb/posting/3034915/0/0/Product+Analyst.html

Solutions Consultant:https://jobdb.softgarden.de/jobdb/public/jobdb/posting/2813274/0/0/Solutions+Consultant.html

IT Support Analyst: https://jobdb.softgarden.de/jobdb/public/jobdb/posting/3018634/0/0/Support+Agent.html